Team Coral Restoration Panama

The people listed below are the core group dedicated to restoring marine ecosystems and educating concerned people of all ages about the value of ecology-minded living.


doug marcy, founder

Attuned to a lifetime of adventure and passion for the natural world, Doug began traveling from the mountains of Colorado to explore the Caribbean coast of Panama in the mid 2000’s. For the last 6 years, he has called the islands of Bocas del Toro his home. When he saw what was happening to the coral reefs around him, and realized the results when motivated people became involved in coral nursery operations, it was only natural that he spearheaded the founding of Caribbean Coral Restoration Center.

robin perreault, construction

Robin’s devotion to the environment was fostered at sea. She learned to scuba dive in Maine and spent much of her adult life sailing in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She instilled a similar passion in her family and even inspired her daughter to pursue a degree in marine biology.

Since relocating to Bocas, Robin has made a huge impact on Coral Restoration Panama. Her craftsmanship, positive attitude and passion for marine conservation make her a huge asset to the team. 

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KRISTA SHOE, Digital Content

Krista is a recent transplant to Bocas from Denver, Colorado. She has traveled to ~40 countries, diving all over the world. The effort of saving coral reefs is very near and dear to her heart. She helps Coral Restoration Panama with digital marketing, fundraising, communications, photography/videography, volunteer programs and the creation and maintenance of this website.


Jessica Perreault, Marine Biology Advisor

Jess holds a degree in marine biology from the University of Rhode Island. Her research has taken her all over the world. Most notably, she spent time studying coral reef disease and immune health as it relates to eco-tourism in the British Virgin Islands. 

Jess is passionate about sustaining our fragile marine ecosystems. Originally from Rhode Island, she grew up on and around the ocean, learning to scuba dive when she was 13. She is an avid diver, sailor, fisher(wo)man and swimmer. She currently works in an advisory capacity to Coral Restoration Panama and is eager to get her hands dirty whenever she’s in town. 


Yana pikulak, Research

Yana is a Masters student specializing in Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. She is currently focusing on anthropogenic impacts on tropical ecosystems, with topics covering ecology, biological conservation, human-animal relations, climate change, habitat loss and degradation, protected areas, wildlife tourism, and sustainable development. 

Yana conducts research for the project covering coral health, impacts, degradation, restoration, and management, helps to design and construct coral sculptures, and occasionally assists with social media activities.


Abby Simmons has always loved the ocean and everything residing within. She obtained her bachelor's degree in marine science from Boston University, where went to Belize to snorkel on the reefs and study them. She went back to school to get a master's degree in environmental science from the University of New Haven, where she completed a thesis on the feeding behaviors of coral reef fish in the Bahamas. She is doing everything she can to continue in her passion for marine science and coral reef restoration wherever she can.


emillio hooker - everything

Emillio was born and raised in Panama not far from Bocas del Toro. He is the backbone of our operation - handling all kinds of projects from master captain of MUSA to building and fixing whatever it is that we need. He is an invaluable part of our team.


ruben navarro, legal counsel

Ruben was the legal representative and manager of the International Blue Lagoon, S.A. company; he was a contractor and consultant to the International World Conservation Union (IUCN) and The National Conservancy for Central America (TNC).

Rubin is enthusiastic about the possibilities of coral restoration nurseries and immediately agreed to become a legal advisor for us. Using his professional skills and experience, he is helping us through the process of securing the administrative approvals to make our project truly effective.