What We Do

After more than three years of working toward restoration of the coral reefs of Bocas del Toro we have realized that this is much more than a coral nursery operation. With the local fisheries suffering in tandem with the reef structure, it is necessary to help instigate a rapid recovery of habitat in order for a successful stabilization of the marine ecosystem to occur. To make this happen we are working hard to create a demonstration project whereby we can photographically document the changes that rapidly occur when coral restoration is combined with fish habitat regeneration.

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This is a two part project where artifical reef structures are placed in the sea to provide suitable habitat for fish repopulation needs and immediate supplementation to erosion and sediment control, in addition to being a coral nursery project. Local craftsmen produce the structures in organic shapes so that they blend into the natural landscape as much as possible. Made from concrete specially formulated to be an acceptable substrate for coral, they become a platform for re-colonization of coral reefs.

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