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In order to make any lasting differences in the security of the coral reefs and the marine ecosystem, we are going to have to change the way we have done things in the past. We must create an awareness throughout the consciousness of the human race regarding the long-term negative effects of pollution at every level, contamination of land and water resources, and the overuse and overharvesting of natural resources.

As we progress, we will be hosting tours of the facility for community members, creating local publications, supporting educational programs and reaching out to a world-wide base with our on-site guest facilities. From day one, we will be using all the tools and resources of the internet and modern communication to carry our story to the world and encourage as many people as possible to become aware of how they can be instrumental in helping save the ocean reefs.

Follow us as we continue to add more links to informational and training resources.

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Fish Habitat Initiative with Floating Doctors

We have teamed up with another non-profit in Bocas called Floating Doctors. There is an indigenous fishing village near them that has come on hard times as the area is overfished and the lack of coral substrate means very few fish are coming back. Floating Doctors provided the materials and we are teaching the villagers how to build artificial reefs. When they are cured we will plant them in the water near their village and they can watch the fish population increase.

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