How Does Our Coral Nursery Work?

After 3 persistent years, the country of Panama awarded Ayuda A la Tierra, SA/ dba Coral Restoration Panama permissions to collect and farm specific coral species. Our first action was to find and collect Staghorn and Elkhorn coral fragments that had naturally separated from their colonies. These collections came from 4 different sites across the archipelago. Once transported back to our open-water nursery site, we populated 9 “coral nursery trees” from the collected fragments (6 Staghorn and 3 Elkhorn trees). These will forever be our first-generation nursery trees.

The fragments grow very quickly in our nursery and we have begun trimming them to create our first round of 2nd generation coral trees. Repeating this method with future generations. we plan to build our nursery up to 30 trees which will completely sustain our nursery for out-planting of these two coral species. If all goes well, we should be able to consistently transplant over 200 clones from each species into the reefs every month. Over a few short years, thousands of new corals will be generated; all from those first few fragments we originally collected.

We are currently in the process of setting up land- based tanks and shallow-water platforms so other coral species can be farmed in a similar manner but be maintained without the extensive use of scuba gear.