5 Ways to Help Save Our Ocean's Reefs

There are so many articles these days about the decay of our oceans reefs - mostly doom and gloom. The majority of the problem boils down to 2 words: HUMAN IMPACT. If you're like me, you hate hearing that this is happening but you're overwhelmed with hopelessness. What can I do about this? How can I help? Here are some ways that you can participate in reversing the damage done.

  1. Reduce Waste: a first and easy step is to be mindful of your personal waste. By making a conscious decision to pay attention to how much waste you produce will result in wasting less. 7 Ways to Be Mindful of Waste
  2. Use Less Plastic: the amount of waste in our oceans that are plastic are astounding. Have you heard of the plastic islands floating in the world? Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  3. Ask: research organizations that are part of this effort and send messages asking how you can help.
  4. Volunteer: many organizations have volunteer and participative volunteer programs. Vacation destination trips can be combined with volunteering resulting in coming back from your time away feeling great about what you've given to the ocean. *coming soon at Coral Restoration Panama
  5. Donate: I can feel the eyes rolling already. :) In our own fundraising efforts, I've asked friends and family what's holding them back from donating. Many times I hear that money is a concern and there isn't enough to give that will matter. My response: even $10 makes a huge difference! If 25 people give $10 towards our work - that pays for a new artificial reef structure to be planted in the water, providing fish habitat and reliable structures for coral to thrive on. DONATE NOW to help our project.

We have dedicated our lives to working on this problem. While not everyone can do so - everyone can help in some way, no matter how small.